Thursday, April 11, 2013

A to Z: Ice cream

My brother was always teasing me -- that's just what brothers do, I guess -- but we had a special bond growing up, so there was also a lot of friendly competition between us.

I remember one hot day Mom had given us each an ice cream cone to cool us off after working up a sweat outside. It was one of those situations big brothers mustmake into a competition. After all, that's just what brothers do. So David decided he would challenge me to a race.

"Hey," he said with a sparkle in his blue eyes and that flashy mischievous grin. "Let's see who can eat their ice cream the fastest!"

"Okay!" I countered, always looking for a way to beat him. Like a whiz I was off slurping and even biting my ice cream, casting occasional sidelong glances to monitor my big brother's progress. Naturally, when I saw he was not anywhere near catching up to me, I became suspicious. But not wanting to lose the competition, I quickly finished and then stood up with a triumphant smirk. Much to my chagrin, my gaze met a smug older brother who announced, "Now I can enjoy mine!" and took a long, emphatic lick of his ice cream as close to my face as dared. Needless to say, I never fell for that evil ploy again.


  1. Ha! Aren't brothers awful! I remember having a bike race with my big brother once, down a hill that ended in a small parking bay. He slowed before reaching the cars but I, in my naivety, carried on at full pelt, slamming on my brakes and going straight over the handlebars. But I still won.

    1. And that's really the important thing. ;) Well, that and you lived to tell about it!