What readers are saying about All We See or Seem:

"I honestly couldn't put the book down. With suspense and a great love story this book is a superb read. I won't give any more details, I don't want to spoil it, but if you love a great adventure where love breaks down every wall, even the ones we didn't know existed, then you will love this book."

~Eden Bridgman (see the full review)

"Leah does a great job keeping the reader on the edge. Are things as they seem? or is it all an illusion? Can love be trusted? or is it built on a substitute? I am a skeptical reader, always looking for the obvious foreshadowing that results in a spoiler for me. I was caught off guard with the surprises in the book, which won me over."
~Onelady (see the full review)

"A beautifully written sci fi story that swung from romance to intrigue and back again. The writing style varies, too, with sections of an austere minimalism -- dialogue only, no narration -- that leave the reader gasping to keep up with all the packed-in meanings, followed by slow, haunting, long-distance love-dream scenes. Oh, shoot, it's hard to explain. It's beautiful and intriguing."

~J. Gunnar Grey (author of Deal with the Devil)

What readers are saying about Sacred Ring:

"The story is full of adventure and mystery and danger. Kynan and Michael and Briana are well rounded and bursting with character. I was engaged from the moment I read the first page. Although the book is categorized as teen fiction, it is certainly likely to engage upper middle grade readers as well."
~Middle Grades Fiction Finder (see the full review)

"This was an exciting book to read full of emotion with lots great twists and turns. It was very well written and had me gripped right through to the very end. The detail in the book was fantastic I felt like I had been transported over to Ireland."
~StressedRach (see the full review)

What readers are saying about The Parting Gift:

"The Parting Gift is a story of heartfelt emotion. The emotion is not subject to one area but it covers all areas from joy, love, laughter, new found discoveries to loss and heartache. Leah Sanders has done more than an excellent job of bringing out the emotions of human beings in the purest of forms."
~Sweetly Reviewed (see the full review)

"By the end I was in tears, not because it was so sad, but because the ending was so emotionally satisfying and beautiful! While addressing issues of betrayal, unforgiveness and destroyed relationships, the authors brought the entire book full circle redeeming everything that was broken.  This is not easily done, especially in such a eloquent manner without a hint of being trite. The romance is braided with interwoven strands of hope and grace."
~Whispers from a Book (see the full review)

What readers are saying about Waltzing with the Wallflower:

"...a delightful escape from the mundane world."
~ Long and Short Reviews (see the full review)

"a delightful breath of fresh air; I was hooked from the first page and didn’t put it down until I was finished."
~Book Wenches (see the full review)