Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A to Z: G

(as in the letter not a slang term for a dude with baggy pants, you get what I mean)

Naturally, the first thing I thought of when I decided to do a post on G was, God. I mean when you see a capital G it's just where your mind goes, am I right? (Hey goes is a g word too! YAY!)

BUT...the more I thought about it...

And the more I wrote it...

I realized...G could be for things like garbage, gangs--you know not good things...

And then I saw this really nice picture of a model who shall not be named...and I thought WOW sometimes in my books I go..."Good golly gracious---that male character is sizzling off the pages."

He's Grrrreat! Like Tony the Tiger only not so annoying. So in honor of male characters everywhere...let's do a countdown of some of the GREATEST leading men...

1. Superman (he has powers, no arguing)
2. Spiderman (he was bit by a spider and lived, enough said)
3. Mr. Darcy (People STILL write fan-fiction about this man)
4. Edward (Notice how I didn't say Jacob? That was on purpose.)
5. Iron Man (How can you say no to him?)
6 Thor (Put in for Rachel Van Dykens benefit, she has a figurine of him on her kitchen table)
7. George Clooney (He has gray hair and women still want him)
8. Elvis (I swear my grandma still thinks he's alive)
9. Brad Pitt  (HAH just kidding, I mean did you see that Chanel commercial?)
10. Justin Timberlake (He brought sexy back)
11. James Bond (He's British and HE still has nice teeth and dresses like a stud)
And finally # 12

Sir Wilde, from Taming Wilde...I say this only because he can throw the best left hook I've ever seen. If you don't believe me read the book...I shall not tell a lie...;)

CHECK BACK TOMORROW FOR H! One can only imagine how crazy things will get...

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