Friday, June 8, 2012

Sweet Saturday: Strawberry, Milady?

Before she knew what was happening, Anthony had stood, pulled her to her feet along with him, whisked her into his arms, and planted a firm kiss right on her open mouth. Memories of their stolen kisses came flooding back of their own accord. His lips were smooth and tasted of cinnamon.

Shock hindered her from reacting. But Anthony seemed to know exactly what he was doing and took full advantage of her state of mind.

Her good sense came rushing back, filling her with fierce indignation. She pressed both palms firmly against his chest and shoved with all her might, thrusting him away from her.

Meissen-teacup pinkrose01
The rakish grin he wore drove her mind into a fury, and she reared back to deliver a swing that would possess the very real possibility of knocking the rogue quite firmly into the middle of next Sunday.

With all her might she aimed her closed fist at his perfect aristocratic cheekbone, but when he grabbed her wrist, absorbing all her power, and rendering the assault useless, Bridget very nearly lost her mind with rage. With a roar, she wrenched her hand free of his grasp and stepped back, scouring the room for a weapon that would prove fatal to the arrogant sod.

She lunged madly for the teapot, thinking to send it crashing straight through his thick skull, but Francis was too quick and rescued the teapot from her reach.

The silver!

Her gaze raked the table for a sharp utensil. Only spoons!

Blast! Where were all the knives?

Francis must have seen her eyeing the teaspoons, because he deftly removed them from her vicinity without so much as twitch in his perfectly deadpan butler expression.

“Give me something, Francis!” she bellowed in exasperation.

Without a moment’s hesitation, the taciturn butler gracefully lifted the fruit bowl in one hand as if he were serving the royal table.

“Strawberry, milady?”

She could feel the wide evil grin spreading across her lips, as she leveled her gaze on Anthony, who seemed to shrink into himself in terror like a frightened turtle.

“Why thank you, Francis. I don’t mind if I do,” Bridget replied, as she wrapped her fingers around an enormous handful of brilliant red ammunition.

~ Beguiling Bridget: Waltzing with the Wallflower Book 2


  1. LOL frightened turtle...hehehehe....AHHHHHHHHH THE BOOK IS FINALLY DONE!!! ;) I am very excited for it's release partner ;)

  2. Lovely and dramatic brought me into the scene and the characters' lives. Thanks for sharing. Great illustrations, too.


  3. What a lovely use for strawberries! That "rakish grin" may soon become a frown.

  4. What a great scene. I can't wait to see if he's able to dodge the flying fruit

    1. We owe you a copy of this when it comes out, Lindsay! :) Haven't forgotten!