Monday, June 18, 2012

Meet & Greet: Bridget Donovan

Bridget Donovan
daughter of the late Earl of Darlingshire

At first glance, Bridget Donovan is a typical wallflower. She stays near the potted plants, hoping they will conceal her from the view of predatory gentlemen seeking a wife. Lady Bridget has more important pursuits and has no time for such distractions, regardless of what her grandmother might say.

Lady Bridget's tragic tale isn't one she discusses freely. Her philandering English father left her Irish mother when Bridget was a small child. Shortly after, her mother died of a broken heart, and her father of a consumption. Young Bridget was sent for by her paternal grandmother, the Dowager Countess of Darlingshire, a woman with a frightfully lacking sense of humor, whose goal was to raise a proper young lady and see her married well.

But the Lady Bridget's desires differ somewhat from her grandmother's. Her greatest ambition is learning. She loves politics, literature, art, and the finesse of the sport of fencing.

And strawberries. Yes.

But not for their intended purpose. In fact, her affinity for the fruit has more to do with its use as a weapon and less to do with it being an edible delicacy.

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