Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Spotlight: Welcome Bestselling Author Kelly Martin!

Excited Nervousness—AKA my First Book Signing

There are a lot of firsts in life: Your first kiss, first day at work, first child…

But there is one ‘first’ that has my attention at this moment.

My first book signing!

Dun… Dun… Dun…

I figured if I wrote about my nervousness then it might help. It couldn’t hurt, right? No matter your location on the writer timeline, there are events that scare you.

•             First draft written
•             First time querying an agent
•             First rejection
•             First contract
•             First review
•             First bad review ;)

I’ve been through all of those — safely behind my computer screen. (You guys haven’t been able to see my tears, right?)

But in public is different. Public people have eyes trained on you.

‘What if’ no one shows up?
‘What if’ lots of people do and I don’t have enough books?
‘What if’ I say something stupid?
‘What if’ I sit there and look like an idiot for two hours?
‘What if’ more people come than I think?
‘What if’ I’m not ‘professional’ enough (aka have enough ‘swag’ to giveaway or a not nice enough table covering. What? You don’t think like that?)

‘What if’
Two words I should ban from my vocabulary

Just like my first kiss, my first day on the job, and my first child (whose birthday is Friday, btw. She’ll be eight! I’m not sure when that happened.), this first will come and go as well.

I’ll learn from it.

I’ll take pictures.

I’ll smile.

And hopefully…  hopefully, I don’t drag as many books out as I’m dragging in.

Plus, it’s at a restaurant. Maybe I’ll get some food out of it as well (one can always hope)

Is something scaring you? Are you freaking out over whatever step you are at in your writing life? I’m right there with you. Not only am I having my first book signing, but I’m self publishing my first book (my third book released, first I’m self publishing). It’s scary. But it’s a good scary.

This writing thing is supposed to be fun. Remember the first words you wrote? They were fun. The first draft of your first book… Fun. Don’t let the worry take your fun away. Writing is creative. It’s exciting. And never boring (and if it is, just throw a serial killer in your story and keep right on going ;) )

SO, in conclusion, wherever you are in your writing life, enjoy it. Don’t let the ‘what if’s keep you down. It’s an exiting process. Enjoy it…

Says the girl who having her first book signing Sunday. (Okay, that is pretty cool)

Kelly Martin a southern girl who writes... a lot. She is the author of SAINT SLOAN and Grace Award winning, CROSSING THE DEEP. By day, she is a special education preschool teacher. By night, she has her hair in a bun and her fingers on a keyboard. She loves God, is addicted to chocolate, and would rather write than sleep. Kelly loves a good mystery and believes in Sherlock Holmes.
You can find her at
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Amnesia took her memories. He took her heart. Who would you trust if you didn't know anyone, but they all knew you?

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