Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Unexpected Choice

Stacey Ingram is the girl next door. She keeps her business to herself and despises pity. Forced to drop out of school in order to take care of her ailing grandfather, her self-confidence is shot, yet she is still too proud to ask for help.

Her grandfather’s care zaps their savings, and the bills are piling up, but she would still rather go through bankruptcy than accept a handout.

Especially from the guy across the street, whom she has been in love with since childhood. And she’s far too busy caring for others to envision any happiness for herself. Besides, she knows what real love is, and it isn’t the feeling she gets whenever Joey McCrary comes around.

Joey McCrary is every girl’s dream, and he lives like he knows it. All through high school and college he had girls hanging on his arm, and he was none too careful whom he chose to spend his time with. Now that he’s faced with an unexpected responsibility, he has to change his ways fast.

The only person he trusts to help him is the girl next door, Stacey Ingram. Ever since he’s known her, she’s been a pillar of stability. No matter what life threw at her, she could handle it with quiet grace. That’s why he is certain, the curve he’s going to throw her will be met with equal effort.

The way he sees it, she needs him as much as he needs her. It’s a win-win. Not to mention the fact that she's more woman than he can handle. Now he’s wondering why he never noticed her before.


Joey McCrary needs a wife and someone to help him raise his daughter after he made some poor choices in college.  Stacey has always been his friend, and even though she’s a sweet girl, nothing can compare to the feelings he has for his ex.

Joey realizes that he and Stacey can benefit one another.  Joey can provide Stacey with all she’s ever wanted: a family.  But can Stacey teach him a few things along the way, too?

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  1. I plan to curl up with this one over the Christmas holiday. I love Stephanie Taylor's writing - her wonderful characters, always so real that you care about them as if they're your friends, family, neighbors... because they COULD be.

  2. Congratulations on the release! I look forward to reading the book during our summer holidasy ;-)

  3. Congrats on the new release! This looks like a great story! :) It's on my TBR pile!

  4. Great cover and I'm very interested in the story after seeing this synopsis.
    Congratulations on this new release.

  5. I'm reading another of Stephanie's books right now, "Tinseltown". Last night I read a line in there that's similar to this book's tagline - about love not always being about emotion, but being a choice. I love that! This new book sounds great, too! Congrats :)