Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Announcing the London Fairy Tales Series by Rachel Van Dyken

Rachel Van Dyken's first installment of the London Fairy Tale Series is due out on May 31st! This first book in the series Upon a Midnight Dream features a re-telling of the story of Sleeping Beauty. Two characters introduced in The Redemption of Lord Rawlings continue their love story in Rachel Van Dyken's latest endeavor.

An old family curse requires Rosalind Hartwell and Stefan Hudson, the Duke of Montmouth, marry before the year is out. When they decide to call off their betrothal, members of both of their families begin to drop like flies.

At his mother's behest, Stefan seeks out Rosalind to set things right again. But that is easier said than done. For after years of being shipwrecked on an island far removed from polite society, Stefan's manners are a bit rusty, and Rosalind has no intention of making it easy on the man who broke their engagement so abruptly.

Check out Rachel's blog for more excerpts and release information.

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