Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sweet Saturday: All We See or Seem

            "Ah! Mr. Gryffon, we've been looking forward to your visit," the attendant smiled warmly and extended her hand in greeting as she stood to welcome him. Gryff retreated a step and regarded her warmth with confusion. The attendant quickly dropped her offered hand, but smiled again and indicated a comfortable-looking chair. "Please, sit down. May I bring you something to drink? Perhaps a freshly baked muffin?" She noticed his hesitation, then offered again, "Please, make yourself comfortable, Sir. You have nothing to fear here. Today you are an honored guest."
            Gryff sat cautiously. Her friendly manner was unsettling. None of the regular staff had ever been this indulgent. But then again, he had never experienced a Code Green status. This must be what was meant when they said it was a great honor to be selected. His analysis allowed him to relax into the over-stuffed velvet chair.
            The attendant handed Gryff a mug of hot, creamy liquid. "Try this. It's divine!" Then she lifted a tray full of pastries, most he had never seen before. "Go ahead, choose whatever you like. My favorites are the ones sprinkled with cinnamon. I think I would eat them all day, if I were able." She laughed softly at her own joke, setting him at ease. He reached for a pastry and set it on the small plate she held out.
            "Thank you." He began with a bite of the pastry. His eyes widened in surprise. There was nothing like this on the menu at the commissary. Taking another bite, he closed his eyes to savor the sweetness. Once, he had read the definition of the word ambrosia in the dictionary. He didn't truly understand it until this moment. Before he could prevent it, a quiet moan escaped his throat. It startled him, and he opened his eyes and glanced at the attendant. She laughed.
            "I know! Right? They're so good, I could just die!" Her voice held a hypnotizing drawl he hadn't noticed before, and her easy manner soothed his misgivings. He smiled back at her contentedly and brought the mug to his lips for a deep draught of the creamy liquid.
            Oh. Sweet. Joseph.
            The soothing hot potion washed through him, and suddenly Gryff felt like he was floating. A deep contented exhaustion flooded his whole body, relaxing him further into the chair. Gem. His last tangible thought echoed in his mind, then the calming gray haze engulfed him, and his consciousness dissolved into the mist.
            Just beyond the reach of the fog, echoes of vaguely familiar voices hovered around him.
            He's all yours, Doctor.
            Fatina, my dear, you are a magician!
            Oh, please, Honey. Like taking pastry from a baby.

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  1. gulp...never take from strangers?

  2. Oh, my! I never saw that coming. Great excerpt.

  3. Yes I did see it coming, but it still shocked me, because all the while I thought he would resist and he didn't. Great sample.

  4. LOVE THIS BOOK SO MUCH, um how about you finish it so all of us can be happy?? ;)

  5. I know it would make me happy, Rachel! :) Thanks for the comments, guys. I like this scene too. It's always scary when the people you trust turn out to be the bad guys.