Friday, June 28, 2013

Sweet Saturday: Wanna Get Away?

The trip to the airport was nerve-racking.
Marley kept glancing over her shoulder out the back window, half-expecting to see her father’s car in pursuit. She must have looked a few too many times, because Oscar cleared his throat, startling her.
“Just relax, Miss Ryan. He’s not following us. We’ll get you on that plane in record time. And the next time you’ll see the old man will be at Thanksgiving dinner.”
She wished she could be certain.
Laughing nervously, she shook her head.
“I love him, Oscar, but…”
“No need to explain. I’ve known you your whole life. I know exactly why you chose Miami.”
“You think he’ll be able to stay away?”
“I think he’ll make do.”
It was a cryptic answer. Marley wasn’t so sure she liked the sound of it. Her father wasn’t known for his ability to let things go easily. That was exactly why his decision to allow her to enroll at Miami had been a surprise — though she had fought tooth and nail for it, definitely shedding more than a few manipulative tears. She wasn’t ashamed to admit it. When it came to Peter Ryan, a person had to be willing to stoop to those levels to get what they wanted from him. Lucky for Marley, he had a soft spot for her. Anyone else’s tears would have fallen on deaf ears.
“Is there something you’re not telling me, Oscar?”
The driver laughed and shook his head. “And you’ve known me long enough to know that whatever I know stays with me.”
“Yes, I suppose so. What is it you’re always saying? ‘I just do the driving.’ Probably smart.” Marley glanced out her window and watched the brownstones whiz by.
The rest of the trip to the airport was spent in silence. It was silent, but Marley was hardly relaxed. She wouldn’t relax until her plane was in the air heading for Florida.
Oscar pulled up beside the curb and jumped out of the car to run around and open Marley’s door. She took his hand and stepped out onto the sidewalk, glancing around her. She hadn’t been to Logan International in ages. For any trip they took, they almost always used her father’s private jet, and it took off from a much smaller airstrip just outside of the city.
“I still don’t understand why you don’t just take your father’s plane,” Oscar said as he unloaded her bags from the trunk.
“I don’t trust the pilot,” she said with a wink.
Oscar smirked. “Very funny. I’ve never done anything to deserve that.”
“For all I know, you’d fly me around just long enough to lull me into a false sense of security, and then land me right in my father’s backyard. I know where your loyalty lies, old man.”
“There’s no fooling you, is there.” He gestured toward the skycap station with her suitcase. “After you.”
She stepped up to the counter and handed the attendant her itinerary. Oscar set her baggage on the cart and turned to her.
“Good luck,” he said, offering his hand.
“Thanks, Oscar. See you in November.” She took his hand and smiled.
He kissed her on the cheek and went back to the car, leaving her to find her way to the gate on her own.
Marley shouldered her carry-on bag and stepped through the sliding doors.
Ah, freedom.

~No Backing Out (in progress)

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  1. Wow. Intriguing. I wonder what it is she's trying to escape? And what's in store for her in Florida? Hope she finds what she's looking for.